Heated Vacuum Press - Industrial - HVP-I

The Global Heated Vacuum press -Industrial (HVP-I) is an outstanding vacuum membrane press with two connected vacuum press tables and a movable heating hood that increases productivity and improves quality control during serial production. The press is designed for batch productions and specific projects, but it also offers excellent characteristics for individual and small production. The main field of application is woodworking, in particular wood panel veneering, laminating and bending wood. However the press can also be used for thermoforming acrylic solid surface materials and similar composite materials. For more information please contact us.

Product Information
  • Ideal for woodworking: wood panel coating, veneering, laminating and wood bending..
  • Developed for serial production of high quantities.
  • Versatility can be used for woodworking and thermoforming.
  • Two press tables for industrial production flow.
  • Movable heating system offers high efficiency and perfect serial production.
  • Heating system up to 140°C
  • Convection heating elements and uniform air distribution by ventilation
  • Adjustable digital temperature control unit.
  • Rotary vane vacuum pump, oil and maintenance free
  • Max. vacuum pressure 9t/m²
  • 18mm HPL Compact Press Board with up to 56 suction points
  • Silicone Rubber (SR) membrane, 3mm thick (translucent) and heat resistant up to 230°C
  • 380V, 3 Phase
Product Specification
CodeVacuum PumpPress Capacity 1Membrane Membrane HeightMax. Pressing Height 2 3
HVP-I-2513100m³/h2 x 2540 X 1290 mmSR0 / 250 / 500 mm400 - 800 mm
HVP-I-3113100m³/h2 x 3140 x 1290 mmSR0 / 250 / 500 mm400 - 800 mm
HVP-I-3713100m³/h2 x 3740 x 1290 mmSR0 / 250 / 500 mm400 - 800 mm

SR= Silicone Rubber Membrane
1. Inside Dimensions of the membrane frame
2. Max. pressing height depends on the memrane and physical size of the component
3. With closed heating station max 500mm with opened heating station up to 800 mm

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HVP-I - Heated Vacuum Press - Industrial