Heated Vacuum Press - Standard - HVP-S

The Global Heated Vacuum press -Standard (HVP-S) is a robust vacuum membrane press with heating station that is specially designed to accelerate the cure time during the veneering and laminating process. The heating hood of the vacuum press heats up to 80°C and offers ideal characteristics to work with white glue (PVAc) and PU adhesives. The temperature can be adjusted by a temperature control unit. For more information please contact us.

Product Information
  • Ideal for woodworking: wood panel coating, veneering, laminating, bending.
  • Designed for individual and up to medium production needs.
  • Heating station for accelerating the veneering and laminating process.
  • Heating station up to 80°C
  • Long lasting tubular heating elements
  • Adjustable digital temperature control unit.
  • Rotary vane vacuum pump, oil and maintenance free
  • Switch for continuous or automatic vacuum pump mode
  • Max. vacuum pressure 9t/m²
  • 12mm HPL Compact Press Board with up to 12 suction points
  • Available with flat natural rubber membrane (grey) 2mm thick and heat resistant up to 100°C
  • Available with Silicone Rubber membrane, 2mm thick (translucent) and heat resistant up to 230°C
  • High Volume Membrane available (SR)
  • 380V, 3 Phase
Product Specification
CodeVacuum PumpPress Capacity 1Membrane Membrane HeightMax. Pressing Height 2
HVP-S-251325m³/h2560 x 1310 mmNR/SR0 / 250 mm350 mm
HVP-S-311325m³/h3160 x 1310 mmNR/SR0 / 250 mm350 mm
HVP-S-371325m³/h3760 x 1310 mmNR/SR0 / 250 mm350 mm

NR = Natural Rubber Membrane
SR = Silicone Rubber Membrane
1. Inside Dimensions of the membrane frame
2. Max. pressing height depends on the memrane and physical size of the component

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HVP-S - Heated Vacuum Press - Standard