Heating Plate Oven - Industrial - HPO-I

The Global Heating Plate Industrial oven offers the best heating technology for a quick and tension free heating process of acrylic solid surface materials and is also ideally suited for thermoplastics and similar composite materials. It is the most efficient system on the market. The technology consists of direct contact heating by top and bottom heating platen that guarantee a homogenous heat distribution throughout the entire thickness and surface of the material. The oven has been developed for short and tension free heating cycles, ranging from medium up to industrial productions where high output is needed. For more information please contact us.

Product Information
  • - Contact aluminium platen oven for industrial use.
  • - Double sided heating platen.
  • - Available with 1 or 2 individual heating zones.
  • - Working temperature 0-200°C
  • - Adjustable digital temperature control unit
  • - Preheating time 1min/mm material thickness
  • - Max. 30mm material thickness
  • - Preheating timer
  • - Pneumatic opening and closing system (foot pedals)
  • - Working height (1m)
  • - 380V , 3 Phase
  • - Average energy use 2 to 3 kW/h
Product Specification
CodeUsable heating surface areaPower Requirements
HPO-I-2510 -1Z2500 x 1000 mm19 kW
HPO-I-2510 -2Z833 + 1666 x 1000 mm6.3/12.7/19 kW
HPO-I-2514 -1Z2500 x 1400 mm26.8 kW
HPO-I-2514 -2Z833 + 1666 x 1400 mm8.9/17.9/26.8 kW
HPO-I-3110 -1Z3100 x 1000 mm23.4 kW
HPO-I-3110 -2Z1033 + 2066 x 1000 mm7.8/15.6/23.4 kW
HPO-I-3114 -1Z3100 x 1400 mm33 kW
HPO-I-3114 -2Z1033 + 2066 x 1400 mm11/22/33 kW
HPO-I-3710 -1Z3700 x 1000 mm28 kW
HPO-I-3710 -2Z1233 + 2466 x 1000 mm9.3/18.6/28 kW
HPO-I-3714 -1Z3700 x 1400 mm39 kW
HPO-I-3714 -2Z1233 + 2466 x 1000 mm13/26/39 kW

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HPO-I - Heating Plate Oven - Industrial