Static Compact Laminate Postformer - CPL-3500

Machinery Services UK Ltd is proud to be able to present the latest compact laminate postforming machine, the CPL-3500. We have found with the increasing demand for compact laminate within the industry that there is a need for a postforming machine out there which will be able to post form what can be a difficult material in a more efficient and productive manner than previously performed on older static postforming machines.

The process of bending the compact laminate is similar to the normal postforming process i.e. heating laminate to form around a radius. The machine is able to complete upstand and downstands for vanity units, pillar protection etc. As well as being able to complete CL postformed tops it has the capacity to do regular HPL downstands and upstands much like the older makes and brands out there making it a dual purpose machine.

This machine is manufactured to order in our own workshop in West Yorkshire.

Product Information

Some of the features of the machine include:

  • Temperature regulated coving bar for postforming up stand tops to a 12mm radius. Included with is a pulsing device which controls the fluctuation of the heat within the coving bar giving a more constant temperature.
  • Two industrial heating elements within an alloy extrusion for use on heating the routed out channel of compact laminate to its needed forming temperature.
  • Alloy pneumatic flap for use in bending the down stand part of the compact laminate to a uniform radius.
  • Two clamping beams which are on pneumatics to hold the board in a fixed position
  • Full Control Panel with easy to use functions making for easier use of the machine for the operatives.
  • Foot pedal to control clamping beams, again to aid the operatives with ease of working
Product Specification
Electrical Level:415v
Nominal Current:32A
Air Supply Requirements:½” Supply / 4Bar
Max. Board Thickness:20-25mm
Max. Working Length:3500mm
Clamping Bar Opening:300mm
Working Height:900mm
Working Width:1000mm
Machine Dimensions (HxWxL):2170x850x4200mm
Machine Weight:1400kg

Download Spec Sheet

CPL-3500 - Static Compact Laminate Postformer