Postforming Machine - T-PF-777

The T-PF-777 is the highest model in the range of Turanlar UK throughfeed postforming machinery. It provides a complete solution in postforming applications for manufacturers who wish to have a more robust machine which is capable of extra trimming, grooving and heating productivity than any other model we have supplied. The added bonus of this machine is its capability to use PVA white glue using quality spraying equipment that comes standard with the machine and a PUR sealing unit for waterproof resistance for worktops and panels that are in wet environments. There is no other throughfeed postformer on the market that can be compared in specification and price and is the ideal machine for manufacturers who are postforming various profiles in either HPL or PVC. We have customers in various industries of laminate/PVC postforming some include the Doorset/Door industry, Washroom and Cubicle Sectors to General Shop fitting and Worktop Manufacturing.

The T-PF-777 postforming machine guarantees precise, efficient and productive operation.


Clear Advantages from our T-PF-777 are:

  • Easy operation.
  • Adjustable speed
  • PLC Touch Screen
  • Belt feed track system
  • High quality shortwave infrared lamps provide instant heating. No need to wait for elements to warm through. These can be controlled in power.
  • Automated PVA glue application.
  • Capable of processing all common profiles.
  • Triple Cartridge for forming profiles – Easy to interchange between 3 profiles. More can be requested if needed.
  • Steel Cooling Cartridges
  • Cooling Fan Unit
  • High Frequency Trimming Motors
  • Grooving Saw
  • Motorised Board Thickness adjustment.
Product Specification
Electrical Level:400 V / 50Hz
Nominal Current:70A
Laminate Thickness:0,4 - 1mm
Laminate Height:80mm
Total Electrical Power:34kW
Working Height:910mm
Milling Motor:0,37kW/ 12000rpm
Grooving Motor:0,55kW
Buffing Motor:0,18Kw
Total Air Pressure:6 Bar
Dryer Lamp:4,0kW
Pre Heated Lamp:3,0kW
Laminate Milling Power:0,37kW/ 12000rpm
Prime Milling Power:1,5kW/12000rpm
Total Air Usage:100lt/min
Dust Out Feed Diameter:150mm
Machine Dimensions (WxLxH):1200x8000x1850mm
Machine Weight:4450kg

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T-PF-777 - Postforming Machine