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Although people often think of fabrics or mugs when talking about sublimation, the Global sublimation press offers a much broader range of application. Global provides 3D and large format sublimation on a variety of hard substrates, including aluminium, acrylic stone, glass, metal sheeting, PMMA, textiles, Trespa, wood and more. An absolute highlight of the machine is the 3D sublimation. Thanks to the unique vacuum heat technology and elastic silicone membrane that precisely adapts to 3D shaped objects including the edges, it is now possible to sublimate in 3D up to a certain height. For more information please contact us.

Product Information
  • Usable for sublimation and for the composite industry (hot press).
  • Versatility can be used for sublimation and as a pre-heating oven.
  • Rotary vane vacuum pump, oil and maintenance free.
  • Max. vacuum pressure 9t/m²
  • Single sided heating platen
  • Working temperature from 0 - 200°C
  • Adjustable digital temperature control unit.
  • Pre-heating timer with alarm.
  • Manual opening and closing.
  • Silicon rubber membrane 2mm thick (translucent)
  • 380 V, 3 phase
  • Average energy use 2-3 kW/h
Product Specification
CodeVacuum pumpEffective sublimation areaTemperatureMembranePower requirements
VHP-131016m³/h1300 x 1000 mmmax 200°Csilicone5.2kW
VHP-131316m³/h1300 x 1300 mmmax 200°Csilicone8.5kW
VHP-251040m³/h2500 x 1000 mmmax 200°Csilicone8.7kW
VHP-251340m³/h2500 x 1300 mmmax 200°Csilicone12.5kW
VHP-311040m³/h3100 x 1000 mmmax 200°Csilicone12.4kW
VHP-311340m³/h3100 x 1300 mmmax 200°Csilicone15.5kW
VHP-371040m³/h3700 x 1000 mmmax 200°Csilicone16.5kW
VHP-371340m³/h3700 x 1300 mmmax 200°Csilicone22kW

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VHP - Sublimation Press