Vacuum Membrane Press - Vertical - VMP-V

Push the possibilities of vacuum press applications to the limit with the outstanding Automatic/Vertical model of Global's vacuum presses. The press is designed to stimulate the demand of effective production cycles, lower the risk of error and ensure better quality control compared to traditional vacuum membrane presses. It further enables the most advanced prerequisites for high quality work. Reliable and precise pressing results with large or complicated shapes will no longer cause problems for thermoforming, woodworking and other press applications. For more information please contact us.

Product Information
  • Ideally suited for veneering, laminating and bending wood, thermoforming composite materials and many more.
  • Developed for automatic industrial production up to high quantities and large pieces.
  • Equipped with a programmable logic controller.
  • Quick and intuitive touchscreen menu navigation.
  • Rotary van vacuum pump, oil and maintenance free
  • Switch for continuous or automatic vacuum pump mode
  • Max. vacuum pressure 9t/m²
  • Vertical lifting and lowering system for high performance, comfort and serial production control
  • 18mm HPL Compact press board with up to 56 suction points
  • Available with flat natural rubber membrane (grey). 2mm thick and heat resistant up to 100°C
  • Available with silicone rubber membrane, 2mm thick (translucent) and heat resistant up to 230°C
  • High volume membranes available (PU/SR)
  • Power requirements 7 kW
  • 380V, 3 phase Supply
Product Specification
CodeVacuum PumpPress Capacity 1Membrane Membrane HeightsMax. Pressing Height 2
VMP-V-2513140m³/h2540 x 1290 mmNR/SR/PU0 / 250 / 500 mm400 - 800 mm
VMP-V-3113140m³/h3140 X 1290 mmNR/SR/PU0 / 250 / 500 mm400 - 800 mm
VMP-V-3713140m³/h3740 x 1290 mmNR/SR/PU0 / 250 / 500 mm400 - 800 mm

NR= Natrual Rubber Membrane
PU= Polyutherane Membrane
SR= Silicone Rubber Membrane
1. Inside Dimensions of the membrane frame
2. Max. pressing height depends on the memrane and physical size of the component

Download Spec Sheet

VMP-V - Vacuum Membrane Press - Vertical