Through Feed Postformer - T-PF-190

This is the most simplistic throughfeed postformer that Turanlar supply. Unlike the T-PF-280 and T-PF-590, it does not come with a triple cartridge carousel or infrared heaters. This machine is affordable for small manufacturers who have a need for postformed panels/worktops but will not vary from their specification. It is a basic entry level throughfeed postformer and should only be considered if you have a small output of postformed products.

Product Information

Units that come standard with the T-PF-190 are:

  • Automatic Conveyer Unit
  • Top & Bottom Heating Elements with Temperature Control.
  • Single Profile Cartridge Unit
  • Bottom Trimming Unit
  • Speed Adjustment Unit
Product Specification
Electrical Level:400 V – 50 Hz.
Nominal Current:14, 5 A
Laminate Thickness:0.4-1 mm
Laminate Height:70 mm
Speed:0 – 7.5 m / min
Total Electrical Power:5, 5 kW
Working Height:870 mm
Trimmer Motor:0, 37 kW - 12000 rpm
Machine Width:920 mm
Machine Length:3300 mm
Machine Height:1600 mm
Machine Weight:815 kg

Download Spec Sheet

T-PF-190 - Through Feed Postformer